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Floor Stain
We can give your floors the colours you want due to our staining abilities. We meet expectations in every Floor Stain Sydney project. It is because of our trained workforce and modern equipment. With staining, you can either change or strengthen the existing colour of your timber floor. This also highlights the grain by to putting a distinctive look on it. We have a rich variety of stains and patina. Therefore, you can choose from a range of colours and shades. Our team only start working after thoroughly cleaning your floors. They do not leave a mess after finishing their job.

You can choose either staining method for your floors. First involves applying the stain directly. It leaves several options regarding depth and colour choices at your disposal. The second begins with mixing the stain with polyurethane. It is a simple method, but it does not give you lot of choices.

We provide two chief categories of staining methods. We first educate you about the pros and cons of turpentine and spirit based stains. Then, we apply the type you would choose. Due to the first-class quality, these penetrate your floor and give sealing effect. Finally, these dress your floors in the colour you want.

We know how

     How we should sand floor for quality even staining.

     we will introduce enough stain sample before you make mind

     we know how to apply stain evenly.

     we use quality stain product.

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